Portfolio Construction:

Strategic asset allocation and investment selection

  • Evaluate investments in relation to philosophy and objective

  • Specify forward looking capital market assumptions

  • Portfolio simulations and stress testing

  • Provide modeling to ensure asset allocation is aligned with objectives, philosophy and goals and make recommendations for improvements

  • Build appropriate benchmarks and performance hurdles for asset classes

  • Research investment managers and products – interviews, quantitative analysis, fee bench-marking

  • Construct optimal portfolio
  • Monitoring:

    Performance review and risk management

    • Monitor asset allocation and provide recommendations with respect to rebalancing

    • Monitor investment managers’ compliance with the SIPP and with any special instructions and mandates provided to them

    • Report on absolute and relative performance

    • Provide style, risk and attribution analysis

    • Report on fund manager organization changes

    • Provide an economic overview and contextual determinants to fund performance

    Managing your pension plan’s service providers:

    Proteus offers complete consulting support for the review, and evaluation of actuarial and record-keeping services. We don’t provide these services in house, so we do not hold any bias or conflicts of interest. We match suppliers to your needs rather than being matched to their services. Suppliers include: actuarial, record keepers, valuations, settlements and block annuity purchases.

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