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Kerry Case highlights Pension Plan Governance

The recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in the Kerry Case highlights the importance of sound pension plan governance practices. According to Simon Archer of Koskie Minsky in the article Nolan v. Kerry and its Place in Pension Deliberation “Although Kerry (and others in the line of cases) will not create or erode pension plan provision in Canada, they do...

Private & Public Real Estate usage in Pension Plans

What is the right private / public real estate allocation for pension plans and other institutional investors in today's market.

Federal Announcement on Pensions

Income Tax Act, Defined Benefit, Surplus, 10%, OSFI

Pension plans in the news

The Globe and Mail has been featuring all week, an expansive examination of the Canadian retirement landscape . Topics covered have included: - underfunding - sponsor bankruptcy - coverage - financial planning - hybrid pension plans - coverage for small employers - Canadian pension from the global perspective If you are interested in reading more, the...

Changes to Canada Pension Plan CPP

The Federal Finance Minster Jim Flaherty announced, after meetings with his provincial counterparts, proposals to make some changes to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). The changes are designed to increase the flexibility of the CPP and to adjust the rates for early and postponed retirement.

Question #5 - Unique Tools / Capabilities

Unique Capabilities What unique capabilities and deliverable can we expect from your firm? How will these be of benefit? In short, you will want to see what tools are available that will assist you, as a busy fiduciary, make better decisions and monitor the investments. Leading consulting firms have the ability to make the complex intricacies of investing...

Question #4 - Service Models

Service Model 4) Describe your service model in terms of deliverables and the mechanism for delivery? As a fiduciary will want to know what to expect from your consultant, in terms of level and detail of reporting. Who will attend meetings to present reports and discuss results. You will want to ensure that the service model aligns with your requirements (i...

Question #3 - Fees

Fees 3) How is your firm compensated by your clients (all sources monetary or otherwise)? There are various ways a consulting firm can get paid (i.e. hourly fee, retainer, on a project basis, commissioned selling or directed trading commissions). You will also want to be able to monitor the total fees generated and ensure that they are appropriate based on...

Question #2 for your pension consultant or investment consultant

Conflicts 2) What other services does your firm, or a related entity, provide? Where these services could create a conflict of interest (perceived or otherwise), how does your firm manage this to ensure that you are able to act in the best interest of the client? As a fiduciary, you will want to ensure that there are no lines of business within the firm, or...

5 Questions to ask your investment consultant or pension consultant

Many organization know they could benefit from the profenssional advice of an investment / pension consultant, but do not know where to find one that will be appropriate for their organization. If you are in the market for a consultant, or are currently working with one, you will want to ensure you are comfortable with their answers to each on of the following 5 questions