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Canadian Government Sponsored Retirement Plans

As discussed in our previous blog post, 'The Canadian Retirement Landscape’ , the three levels of retirement plans in Canada include: government sponsored public plans, privately sponsored employer plans and individual plans. This article will discuss, in detail, Old Age Security (OAS) and the Canadian Pension Plan/Quebec Pension Plan (CPP/QPP), both...

The Canadian Retirement Landscape

In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed retirement payment options available to you as a member of an employer sponsored retirement plan. Your plan is one of the tools available to help you prepare for retirement. Overall, there are three levels of retirement plans available in Canada: government sponsored public plans, privately sponsored employer plans...

"What is Pension Governments?"

Gord Lewis, Vice President, takes a look back at the evolution of pension governance over the past 20 years in this article from the December 2011 edition of Benefit and Pensions Monitor.

Retirement Plan Administration Updates for 2010

The 2010 limit for tax-deferred contributions to a registered pension plan is $22,450, which is equivalent to an income of $124,722.22. Persons below this limit will continue to be restricted to 18% of earnings. Click here for a table showing the 2010 limits for various retirement plan types. Click here for the 2010 limits for the Canada/Quebec Pension...

Changes to Canada Pension Plan CPP

The Federal Finance Minster Jim Flaherty announced, after meetings with his provincial counterparts, proposals to make some changes to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). The changes are designed to increase the flexibility of the CPP and to adjust the rates for early and postponed retirement.