Start Planning your Retirement in 2016

New Year's Resolutions - Planning for Retirement

At the beginning of each new year, most of us set goals, resolutions and/or hopes to focus on for the year ahead.

We may set out to focus on eating healthier, to get to bed earlier or to volunteer more and some of us may have the goal of better understanding and preparing for retirement.

Maybe you’re already preparing for retirement or maybe you haven’t yet thought about it. Either way, planning for retirement and understanding your options is a good goal to have at any age – even if you’re someone in your 20's.

It’s never too early to begin planning, and just as it is with anything, the more prepared you are, the better well-off you’ll be when you’re ready to retire.

As you think about your goals for 2016, consider thinking about making the goal to better understand the route you should take to begin (or continue) planning for retirement.

Below are some relevant articles, websites and tools that you may find helpful in working on your goal.

- Understanding your Options at Retirement: ‘Part 1’ & ‘Part 2’

- Factors to Consider when Choosing a Retirement Product

- The Power of Compound Growth

- The Canadian Retirement Landscape

- Canadian Government Sponsored Plans

- Retirement Savings Calculator

- ‘Registered Pension Plans Glossary

Do you have any additional resources you’d like seen added to this list?

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