5 Questions to ask your investment consultant or pension consultant

Many organization know they could benefit from the professional advice of an investment consultnat or pension consultant, but do not know where to find one that will be appropriate for their organization. Added to this, is the fact that some consultnats have imbedded conflicts, or service models that do not fit all plan sponsors' needs or budgets.

We put together some questions that plan sponsors should keep in mind when looking in the market for consulting support. These questions, while by no means exhaustive, are a good place to start. If you are in the market for a consultant, or are currently working with one, you will want to ensure you are comfortable with their answers to each on of the following 5 questions:


1.      What are your firm’s and your individual experience consulting to other similar institutional investors? What specialized tools and research does your firm provide and how does this benefit your clients?

You will want to ensure that both the firm and the individual involved have the necessary skill and expertise to provide the services and advice you require. Both the firm and individual should be established in the industry and be committed to their consulting business.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we will add a new question each day.

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