Why Proteus?

Our Purpose

At Proteus we provide our clients with complete confidence in their plan and governance.

Our Unique Perspective

    We deliver investment consulting and plan governance results to Canadian pension and investment funds. We create an environment of participation and teamwork in a selection and review process, which focuses on specific client needs. We maintain ourselves free of conflicts of interest and in all cases act in the best interest of our clients.

Core Beliefs

1. We prove our reliability every day.

2. We embrace clear communication and collaboration.

3. We treat our industry partners fairly and respectfully.

4. We always have a jump in our step.

5. We never cut corners on professionalism.

6. We say no to B.S.

7. We push our creativity and curiosity.

8. We step up when we’re off base.

9. We remember that reputation is everything.

It’s the Proteus way.

Proteus Provides Solutions

In today's business environment, senior management must focus every bit of attention on the core responsibilities of the business to remain competitive. Proteus stays on top of industry issues, services and best practices, offering a firm you can count on. You need a pension consulting firm you can count on that is on top of industry issues, services and best practices. They must offer good information and timely advice. You also need a firm that understands financial markets and can translate market information into language employees will understand. This will help plan members make good investment decisions. We do these things better than any other firm.

Proteus ensures plan members make sound investment decisions by offering notable information and timely advice. We stay on top of industry issues, services, and best practices and ensure our comprehension of the financial markets is translated into a user-friendly language.

Pension Consulting with a Difference

In order to create tailored solutions, we work hard to learn about your organization, its people and your specific needs. Our dedication to your employees’ retirement programs motivate us to put our best foot forward into proper execution and ongoing support.

At Proteus we recognize the importance of monitoring total plan performance, and supplying ongoing information and education to the plan sponsor, pension committee members and employees. Our objective is to maintain each plan in compliance, operate at maximum efficiency and assist the plan sponsor in plan member education to enhance plan appreciation.

Differentiating Position

We maintain relationships with the best providers of investment management and administration in Canada. Our relationships extend beyond insurance companies, trust companies and banks and into all the best investment counseling firms. As quality record keeping in the computer age is a given, Proteus differentiates itself on its breadth of expertise we offer, and the quality of education, and information we provide to the pension committee and your employees

Access to Resources

As part of the ongoing relationship with Proteus, your firm's retirement committee will have direct access to our professional resources. We make your retirement program our business by providing a broad range of assistance with the management and compliance of your plan(s), connections with regulators, and reporting to the board of directors/trustees.

What Does Proteus Mean?

From Greek mythology, Proteus was the son of Poseidon, the God of the sea. Proteus was the herdsman of Poseidon's seals and had the ability to foretell the future. One such incident occurred in 29 BC where Proteus was able to prevent a recurring disaster that be-struck the son of Apollo. The adjective, ‘protean’, was derived from Proteus’ feature of foretelling the future and avoiding disaster. Protean is synonymous with versatile, mutable, and capable of assuming many forms, and assumes positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability.