Governance Model

Governance starts with a process of defined expectations within a framework of process, evaluation, and performance monitoring. The purpose of governance is to employ best practices and forward thinking to meet the fiduciary expectations of all plan stakeholders (plan members, corporation, and shareholders) and to continuously review current practices to evolve better programs.

Success without governance is often called chance and unquestionably, chance is not a successful business model element. Proteus provides a structured and customized ongoing governance support structure so your organization and employees can get the most out of your retirement income program.

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Elements of our Governance Process


  • We develop an optimized plan design for your organization based on corporate objectives, employee demographics, employee distribution, industry position and plan design management requirements
  • We coordinate the building of a new program, manage existing plans, consolidate existing programs, and plan design conversion for Capital Accumulation and Defined Benefit programs

Investment Policy

  • We establish a Retirement Philosophy Statement for the program, which is linked to the program investment policy and performance criteria for fund selection and monitoring elements
  • We develop and monitor appropriate performance benchmarks and asset class criteria including fund performance thresholds and replacement/review structures
  • Proteus offers a unique three year manager search guarantee
  • To learn more about our capabilities visit our Investment Consulting page.

Performance Measurement

  • We customize fund performance reporting with investment policy benchmark pass/fail indicators, plus qualitative fund manager reporting and evaluation
  • We utilize proprietary fund manager evaluation software

Communication and Education

  • We assist plan members understand, value and maximize the program
  • We benchmark and evaluate plan engagement level to corporate goals
  • We deliver customized communication sessions in addition to quarterly newsletters
  • We provide a unique annual stakeholder notice to plan members outlining the plan governance measures in place

Retirement Planning

  • Licensed Proteus advisers assist plan members as they approach retirement
  • We offer group retirement option workshops
  • We customize retirement income payout options and portfolio construction/monitoring

Plan & Record Carrier Management

  • We provide an Annual Pension Plan Governance Review Summary: an outline of the services completed for the year relating to the six key areas of the Proteus governance model
  • We facilitate periodic retirement committee meetings
  • We document roles and responsibilities of fiduciaries (plan sponsor, consultant, and carrier)
  • We support plan documentation, audit and reporting
  • We provide a proprietary on-line governance model linked to CAP guideline requirements
  • We provide ongoing review, and evaluation of carrier services and benchmark pricing
  • We offer RFP, search and transition services for carrier changes

Proteus - Governance Integrity

The Proteus team agrees to conduct all client mandates free of conflict of interest with the highest level of business integrity, standards and ethics. In doing so, we ensure the best interests of plan sponsors, boards and plan beneficiaries are met. Proteus is a wholly independent governance consulting firm with no direct affiliations to fund managers, record-keepers, custodians or insurance companies. All directors, managers, and employees of Proteus follow the guidelines, intent, and spirit of the CFA Code of Conduct for Members of a Pension Scheme Governing Body.

The Code of Conduct for Members of a Pension Scheme Governing Body (the code) represents best practices for members of the pension governing body when complying with their duties to the pension scheme. Whether public or private, each pension scheme board that adopts the code demonstrates its commitment to serving the best interests of participants and beneficiaries.

Pension Governance Tools

CAP Track for Capital Accumulation Plan Governance

CAP Track is an online Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) governance management tool, which supports assigned and secure access for multiple users at the plan sponsor and CAP Adviser user level. CAP Track is designed, built and supported by in-house CAP plan experts in conjunction with web enabled tools for CAP plan sponsors and their CAP Advisers. Access and full functionality is available 24/7 from any location with web access.

Visit the CAP Track Web Site