Q2 2017 Market Review

Q2 2017 Financial Market Review
Canadian Equities Canadian equities fell this quarter, returning -1.64%. The health care, industrials, consumer discretionary and utilities sectors led the S&P/TSX Composite Index this quarter. The energy, materials and financials sectors were the only components within Canadian equities that generated negative returns. International Equities World...

Q: Am I too Young to be Thinking About Retirement?

Am I too young to be thinking about retirement?
A: No, you’re never too young to be thinking about retirement, but the key is to stop thinking about it and instead, start planning. Retirement is an important stage in life and one that requires decades of planning. Sure, you’re saving and preparing for retirement as a participating member in your workplace pension plan – but it’s important to further save...

2017 Industry Events

Click here for a list of upcoming, 2017 industry events for plan sponsors, trustees and pension committees.

Investment Governance: Know What You Have

Reviewing your investment mix periodically to understand what’s in your portfolio is an important step in personal governance. Your retirement income program likely includes one or more of the following: target date funds, asset allocation funds and/or balanced funds. When joining a retirement program, these are often presented as “set it and forget it”...

VIEWPOINT: Why Bother Rebalancing?

Why bother rebalancing?
The sixth video in our Proteus Viewpoint video series, Rebalancing: Don't Let the Market Dictate Your Asset Mix For further information, read the below Q&A. What is rebalancing? Rebalancing is the process of returning the overall investment allocation in an asset mix back to the pre-specified target as it deviates with market fluctuations. For example,...