Second Quarter 2013 Review

Canadian Equity Canadian stocks were down 4.1% over the quarter, erasing year-to-date gains. The decline came in June due to weak performances from the materials, telecom services, technology and utilities sectors. Utilities, an interest-sensitive sector, was hurt as a result of rising bond yields, while telecom was pressured by the threat of increased...

The decline of active management

Ryan takes a look at managers through an active share lens to classify managers into different styles of active management. He then combines active share with tracking error (discussed in the previous article) to determine the true style of investment funds. This article was first published in Benefits Canada. Follow this link.

Picking a winner: A tool for selecting active managers

Ryan Kuruliak, Vice President, has written an article in Benefits Canada entitled Picking a winner: A tool for selecting active managers "My previous article discussed techniques for monitoring an investment manager’s track record to avoid making poor (and expensive) hire/fire decisions. In that article I also promised to introduce a tool investors can use...