Sponsor Solutions & Member Education

Sponsor Solutions

Your success as a plan sponsor is highly dependent on the level of engagement of your employees. An engaged employee will be more appreciative of the benefits they receive and more likely to act as an ambassador of your brand. Unfortunately the traditional pension delivery model fails to engage. This harms members who approach retirement unprepared and with inadequate resources. It also harms plan sponsors who offer retirement savings plans that may be unappreciated and underutilized as a valuable benefit and compensation tool. Proteus can help you achieve a greater return on the valuable benefit you offer through improved engagement, efficient use of resources and enhanced fiduciary protection. We are knowledgeable about pension plans, we understand plan members and are committed to delivering you the one pension solution that contributes to your success as an employer and plan sponsor.

Fiduciary Duties

Proteus provides you with fiduciary protection and enhanced plan governance by delivering best-in-class communication solutions that engage directly with plan members. We believe in transparency, objectivity, simplicity and that your fiduciary duties with regards to communications can be answered with engaging and creative solutions.

We make governance a priority because we know you have many obligations to meet in order to provide a successful pension benefits to your employees. These obligations can include statutory duties - as prescribed by legislation and regulation – and expected best practices.

For Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP) such as a Defined Contribution Registered Pension Plan or a Group RRSP, the statutory burden appears light when compared to a Defined Benefit Pension Plan. However, the group of Canadian pension regulatory agencies have issued the CAP Guidelines: a template of voluntary best practices that CAP sponsors are expected to adhere to. One of the primary intents of the CAP Guidelines is to ensure that CAP members are provided the information and assistance that they need to make investment decisions in a CAP.

Governance and engagement: that's our promise to you.

Employee Engagement

Employers offer retirement benefit plans to their employees for a variety of reasons, but almost all of them point in one direction – as part of a competitive compensation package that helps to attract talent and increase retention. However, if employees are not fully aware of the benefits the plan offers or do not understand how it works, then the value of this powerful HR tool can be lost.

By offering a solution from Proteus to plan members, sponsors can increase engagement in your valuable retirement benefit. An engaged employee is someone who truly understands the value of the plan and what it means to them. Engaged employees not only are more likely to have higher levels of retirement savings, but if they understand their retirement planning, they can reduce their levels of financial stress, and become more focused and productive in their jobs.

Member Programs

Regardless of the plan size or characteristics, our services can be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your members.

The key to engagement is to know your members! Proteus works with you as the plan sponsor to undertake an in-depth analysis of the plan, including: plan design, member demographics, engagement characteristics and a survey of plan members. This data is then used to identify the best program design to deliver the information and engage plan members into meaningful action.

Proteus has ‘grown up’ offering governance services and solutions to small- and medium-size plans. We understand large solutions are not the best solution in every situation, and many times, especially for smaller plans, the cost to implement a full-scale custom program would be prohibitive. Through our tools and modular solutions, we offer tailored programs to meet your needs.

Proteus works with plan sponsors to design an education program that fits the needs of you plan members. Whether this involves offering our educational seminars, or providing members with access to our member solutions website (full of invaluable financial education materials and tools), Proteus can develop a solution to meet your needs.

Custom Solutions

Where a truly customized solution is required, Proteus works with you to develop a fully customized education and support program that helps plan members understand the true value of their group retirement programs. This engages them to act responsibly and reasonably when it comes to their investments and retirement planning needs.

The technology that drives Proteus is designed to be flexible, and customizable in order to meet the varied needs of plan sponsors of all shapes and sizes.

From customizing the member solutions portal with your own company content and the ability to integrate with your corporate intranet, to custom designed presentations tailored to the unique needs of your plan members, Proteus will build a custom member education platform like no other.

The technology and content behind Proteus can be utilized in many unique situations to deliver customized communication campaigns.

Proteus welcomes new uses for the technology and content that has been developed to drive the core solution. If you have a new idea, we would be happy to discuss the opportunity and explore how Proteus can provide a solution for you.

Member Education

One of today’s greatest challenges of group savings plans is to provide plan members with a meaningful experience, and understanding that goes beyond plan design and the enrollment process. Proteus can help by successfully engaging members to act responsibly and reasonably when it comes to their investments and retirement planning need.

Your members need you. Inspire them to engage with an employer-provided financial education program.

With an effective education program, you will help members understand the true value of their group savings plan.

We work closely with all the leading plan providers and record-keepers, but our focus is very different. We bring you the benefits of a program that is developed, and implemented according to your unique plan characteristics and the member demographics of your organization.

This is our way to answer your members’ needs for content that is relevant, unbiased, and helpful on all aspects of retirement planning and investment management.

Our tailored approach helps you fulfill your fiduciary duties as a plan sponsor to use your resources most efficiently while enhancing the governance of your retirement plan.

Our approach is more than an education program; it is a direct connection to your members, members that will be thanking you today for helping them get to retirement.

The Delivery

Go beyond participation – engage.

Every plan member has a preferred method of learning and each generation has distinct communication preferences.

Proteus deploys a variety of channels in an effort to maximize engagement. We give all plan members the education and guidance they really need, in the format that truly leads them to connect with their future retirement responsibilities. It’s our way of increasing their awareness, confidence and success rate.

Financial Education Programs

Proteus gives your organization the flexibility of a unique modular program that provides invaluable insights into investments, retirement planning and your group savings plan.

"Build Your Own Program” is our way to answer your members’ needs for relevant education and guidance, and help you fulfill your requirement as a plan sponsor for the most efficient use of your resources.

1. Our Retirement Planning modules cover all the important facets of saving for retirement through the various life stages.

2. Our Investment Management programs educate on key concepts relevant to your plan members and the role they play in successfully growing or preserving retirement assets.

3. Your Plan series addresses the specifics of your plan and helps members make the most of the plan design and the options presented to them.

We offer a unique modular approach to investment and retirement planning education.

The modular design of the Proteus Education Program allows for a meaningful experience from the member’s perspective. The program is meant to blend investment education and retirement planning guidance to address top-of-mind topics at a level of complexity tailored to the audience. Our approach helps you meet your requirements as a plan sponsor to use your resources most efficiently while enhancing the governance of your plan.

Delivery of the material takes into account the composition of each demographic group in an effort to promote engagement and participation. We believe giving all plan members the education and guidance they need, in the format that leads them to connect with their future retirement obligations, will lead to increased awareness, confidence and engagement.

The Curriculum

Our seminars are designed to maximize the learning experience and to promote an interactive environment. Our hope is all audiences – no matter the age, knowledge or experience – benefit from our seminars by acquiring the knowledge they need to feel empowered when it comes to planning and managing retirement assets.

Our presentation materials are designed following best practices for optimal impact. Preparation, messages, structure, visual aids and delivery are all carefully thought out. Our material is available online for participants with access to additional articles and information on the various topics covered.

Booklets & Handouts

Each module comes with its own manual that complements the group seminar’s learning experience. The purpose of each manual is too provide the target audience in-depth information and additional data on various topics covered during the seminar. The booklets are more academic in nature and willingly venture into more complex concepts in an effort to cover all necessary – and relevant – aspects of retirement planning and investment management.

Using straight-forward language and a variety of communication strategies (tables and charts; “Ask Proteus” boxes; dialogues and web references), we designed the booklets to be the members readily available reference guide. Plan member can also access these manuals online.

The Investment Series: Plan members will learn basic investment management strategies, better understand the behaviour of major asset classes, how to build their own investment policy and the importance of monitoring.

The ABC’s of Investing: Provides an overview of basic investment concepts and how they play a crucial role in planning for retirement.

Learning outcomes:

1. Provide an overview of capital market functions

2. Differentiate between capital preservation and capital growth strategies

3. Define the major asset classes and how they impact portfolio expected returns

4. Understand the concept of investment risk

How to Build It Right: Provides an in-depth, how-to education for members that are highly involved in – or responsible for - constructing their own investment portfolios. Also suitable for members being offered pre-built balanced portfolio solutions.

Learning outcomes:

1. Identify the components of an investment policy statement

2. Understand strategic asset allocation and proper diversification

3. Learn basic portfolio construction techniques

Turning Assets into Income: Discusses investment management strategies for managing assets through retirement as members are turning their assets into retirement income. Built around key concepts such as capital preservation and fixed income, it also covers important aspects of retirement planning and how it influences the member’s investment policy statement.

Learning outcomes:

1. Match return expectations with retirement income needs

2. Identify relevant capital preservation strategies

3. Identify the available income generating vehicles offered

The Retirement & Group Plan Series

Plan members will learn the benefits of a group retirement plan, tactics to achieve financial success and the savings they need to accumulate to reach an acceptable retirement income.

An End Has a Start: Demonstrates the power of starting to save early and the vital role the company’s plan plays. Stresses the necessity of having a personal plan and how to put it into action. Discusses asset gathering strategies, how to take full advantage of what the Plan has to offer and teach the importance of on-going monitoring of their plan.

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand the benefits of a group savings plan

2. Learn retirement planning strategies

3. Identify tactics to help achieve early financial success

Completing the Connection: Provides guidance on a comprehensive retirement checkup to help plan the transition years to retirement, identifies various retirement income sources and discusses pension options available to members.

Learning outcomes:

1. Determine how much money is needed at retirement or what income to expect upon retiring

2. Identify and define the various sources of retirement income

3. Stress-test your retirement plan

Overview of a Hard Working Vehicle: A Group Retirement Plan is a powerful vehicle that members need to understand to fully appreciate its benefits. This module helps members navigate through the important aspects of your group plan.

Learning outcomes:

1. Communicate how the plan is designed and how it helps plan members to achieve financial security

2. Define and explain the investment options offered to the plan members

3. Summarize the responsibilities of all plan stakeholders and identify sources of member support.

One-on-One Consultations

One-on-One Consultations

Educating plan members to make informed and sound retirement decisions is the cornerstone of Proteus’ approach to retirement guidance. We understand many members – often when retirement is closer to becoming a reality – need support, help and reassurance on when and how they can retire.

Since each member’s personal financial circumstances are unique, Proteus uses the following process in the one-on-one advisory service:

1. Initial member meeting: Identify retirement goals and understand the member’s unique situation.

2. Information gathering: Obtain relevant information and forms from the carriers or other relevant providers.

3. Options overview: Ensure the member fully understands the retirement income options available and how to maximize the Plan’s value.

4. Plan implementation: Guide the member through the required paperwork to put the plan into action. Provide clear answers to questions the member may have and, when necessary, act as a liaison between the member and the supplier.

Planning Formats

We offer two distinct formats for the one-on-one consultations. One that offers immediate support to the plan members who are contemplating retirement, and one that guides plan members of all ages into enlightened investment and savings decisions.

Ready to Retire

Member Guidance

Target audience: Retiring plan members

Designed to provide retiring members guidance surrounding how to convert their retirement savings accounts into income. Proteus assists members in explaining various income options and provides the guidance needed to make the most appropriate decision for their particular circumstance(s). Proteus acts as a liaison between the member, the plan record-keeper and other parties to ensure the selection is executed as per the member’s wishes.

Charged on an hourly basis with an estimated normal requirement of two hours, including: an hour of discussion and investigation with the member; an hour of paperwork and follow up; and liaising between the member and the record-keeper.

Investment & Retirement

Member Guidance

Target Audience: Active plan members

Designed to educate members and provide personal guidance on topics surrounding investment management and planning for retirement.

Best utilized in conjunction with the workshops, the service provides greater insights into the world of investment and addresses savings strategies that the member (and their spouse) may consider depending on their personal circumstances.

This approach utilizes various planning tools and predictive models to discuss the options members have today and the impact on future retirement income.