Foundations & Endowments

Your investment policy, cash management and governance process should reflect the requirements of your organization’s specific target and operational objectives.

Proteus acts as your organization's independent investment resource, to ensure short-, medium- and long-term objectives are met to allow you to focus more resources on your primary mission.

Living up to commitments takes time, money and effort. Make the most of your resources by engaging Proteus as a resource.

Our Services

  • Create and maintain a governance structure
  • Develop an investment policy
  • Fund manager search
  • Investment performance monitoring and reporting
  • Asset mix modelling
  • ESG/SRI and impact investing

Operating and resource capital is precious.Making the most of your financial resources through investment optimization and risk controls is required for all stakeholders in your organization and beneficiaries of your organization.

Proteus provides a complete investment consulting solution and governance support model. Alternatively, we can focus on a specific task or support role for the investment consulting needs of your organization.

Leverage Our Experience

Proteus maintains experience with funding needs for a diverse set of organizational models, including:

  • Not-for-profits
  • Charitable organizations
  • Trusts
  • Foundations

Canadian Film Centre

"We found the experience of working with Proteus to be both valuable and comprehensive. We would not hesitate to recommend Proteus to other foundations and endowments."

Director of finance & administration, Canadian Film Centre


"The Committee is very happy with the service we received from Proteus and would highly recommend them."

Chair, YMCA Canada Audit Committee